How It works


We made it simple. We only have one plan to verify your betting accounts.


Go to Pricing-Get a Quote and fill up the contact form, you will need to register with us.

The registration process is not long but does require that you complete all fields and with accurate information.

You will not be able to register with us if we believe that any piece of information you entered in the registration form is invalid/fake. In such case, we might, at our discretion, call you to verify the data via phone.


After you submit your registration and all its information adheres to our standards, we go ahead and verify your betting account.

The process is very simple: with your consent, and the trading account information you provided us, we log into your account and verify the fact that it’s a real-money live account, amount deposited, etc.

You will receive a confirmation email after we have gone through the verification process, the email will contain the all information that matches the information we attribute to that account on our website.

For example, if we see a deposit of $250, that is what will be displayed under that account on our website, and that is what the verification seal will verify.


Once the betting account verification process is complete you may start using our seals.

At this point in time, you will have access to a variety of BetVerify verification seals, each one containing the relevant trading account information. In other words, people hovering over the seal and/or clicking it, will have immediate access to the verified details of the account.

You will be able to use our seals online wherever you wish, as long us you notify us the URL’s where they are displayed.


Start enjoying the results of being verified and transparent. And with over 99% of betting accounts displayed on websites not being verified (and probably fake), you will be light years ahead of the competition!